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During the fall 2012 the Health Economic Forum at Uppsala University started a monthly seminar in health economics. The seminar is open for all researchers with an interest in health economics, and is scheduled to run the first Friday in the month 13:30-15:00. This new seminar series was started with a half-day seminar on September 20 2012 The Health Economic Forum at Uppsala University is intended as an interdisciplinary venue for researchers interested in health economics coming both from economics and the medical faculty. The main activity will be a seminar in health economics, but we also plan to arrange courses in health economics and conferences. Information about the Health Economic Forum at Uppsala University and its activities will be available on

Latest seminars and activities in Health Economics

HEFUU’s 7th Annual mini-course December, 2021 in Uppsala
Causal inference: Learning what works
Professor Migual Hernan, Harvard University

Health Economic Forum at Uppsala University (HEFUU) invites researchers and doctoral students – both from medical and social sciences – to a course on causal inference from epidemiological and medical perspective with Professor Miguel Hernan, Harvard University. The objective of the course is to learn how to determine “what works” using data from observational and randomized studies.

Professor Hernan is a leading academic in the interplay between causal inference and machine learning. His research is focused on learning what works for the treatment and prevention of diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, and HIV infection. He has an interest in how to generate, analyze, and interpret data to guide health policy and clinical decisions.

Course description
The course introduces students to a general framework for the assessment of comparative effectiveness and safety, with an emphasis of the use of routinely collected data in healthcare settings. The framework relies on the specification and emulation of a hypothetical randomized trial: the target trial. The course explores key challenges for causal inference and critically reviews methods proposed to overcome those challenges. The methods are presented in the context of several case studies for cancer, cardiovascular, renal, and infectious diseases.   
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