Great interest when the Center for Health Economics Forum and LIF invited to a seminar


In December, the Center for Health Economics Research together with LIF invited to a seminar entitled "How should future comparative effect evaluations be carried out?". In total, around 100 people attended the seminar.

The seminar's discussion was based on a recently published comparison of abiraterone acetate and enzalutamide, where an observational study has attempted to replicate a randomized study using Real World Data (RWD). Per Johansson, Sophie Langenskiöld presented the methods and approaches that they, together with Paulina Jonéus, used in the study.

Douglas Lundin from TLV participated and described the use of RWD in HTA and Sigrid Klaar from NDA Group described the regulatory use of RWD. Arian Sadeghi from Janssen-Cilag and Maja Svensson from Astella Pharma described the need for RWD identified by the industry. Karolina Antonova from LIF described which current assignments and investigations that aims at improving data access in order to conduct these studies.

Bild på deltagare på seminarium
From the left: Erik Grönqvist (HEFUU), Karolina Antonov (LIF), Sigrid Klaar (NDA Group), Sophie Langenskiöld (HEFUU), Douglas Lundin (TLV). 

Bild på panelsamtal
From the left: Arian Sadeghi (Janssen-Cilag), Douglas Lundin (TLV), Sophie Langenskiöld (HEFUU), Sigrid Klaar (NDA Group), Maja Svensson (Astella Pharma)

See the full program of the event.

Last modified: 2023-02-10