Presentation on hospital beds and prioritization at Sjukhusläkarna


Jonathan Siverskog from HEFUU visited the professional association Sjukhusläkarna at their annual representative meeting to present his research findings on hospital beds and prioritization.

The presentation was titled "Fewer Hospital Beds, More Deaths: Implications for Prioritization in Swedish Healthcare" and presented findings from one of his studies on hospital beds and fatalities. During his presentation, Siverskog emphasized that the study highlights the importance of using healthcare resources more efficiently in order to increase the number of available hospital beds.

He pointed out that funds that are invested in expensive treatment methods could have a more significant positive impact if redirected toward expanding healthcare capacity. Siverskog also underscored that a significant portion of healthcare staff's work time is spent on documentation, often without clear evidence of its benefits. One way to free up staff time and address the shortage of hospital beds could be to eliminate potentially unnecessary documentation requirements and evaluate whether they genuinely contribute to patient safety or, in fact, do more harm than good by taking time away from direct patient care.

Photo by Adam Öhman, Sjukhusläkarna/Sveriges Läkarförbund

Last modified: 2023-02-10