Symposium on surgical waiting lists and bed shortages


When the SFAI & Aniva Week took place in Umeå from September 20th to 22nd, one of the program points was: "Surgical Waiting Lists and Bed Shortages – What's the Situation and What Can We Do?" Jonathan Siverskog from HEFUU participated and presented his research findings.

At SFAI & Aniva, Jonathan Siverskog presented the results of a study on the relationship between available hospital beds per capita and mortality in Swedish regions. The study revealed that a decrease of three hospital beds per capita corresponded to approximately one additional death per year. Jonathan emphasized how this information, from a health economic perspective, can assist healthcare in making more informed decisions. The question raised was whether it's worth investing time and resources in new treatments and procedures or if these resources could be used more effectively to address the shortage of hospital beds.

The symposium was moderated by Bengt Cederlund, acting chief physician at Södertälje Hospital and registrar at the Swedish Perioperative Register (SPOR). Other speakers included Pelle Gustafsson, chief physician at Löf; Elin Karlsson, senior physician at Södertälje Hospital and chairman of the Hospital Physicians Association; and Gunnar Enlund, senior physician at Akademiska Hospital and deputy registrar at SPOR.

Image of the participants on the panel
Gunnar Enlund, Pelle Gustafsson, Elin Karlsson, Jonathan Siverskog and Bengt Cederlund.

Last modified: 2023-02-10