The Health Economic Forum at Uppsala University (www.hefuu.uu.se) is an interdisciplinary venue for researchers at Uppsala University interested in health economics, coming both from economics and the medical faculty.

The Health Economic Forum at Uppsala University for health economics aims to provide

  • An Interdisciplinary environment for research in health economics
  • Host research project in health economics
  • Organize seminars/workshops and courses in health economics

The monthly seminar in health economics is scheduled for the first Friday in the month 13:30-15:00, and is open to any researcher interested in the economics of health.

What is health economics?

The economics of health is a research area in the intersection between economics and medical research. Health economics is broadly focusing on two types of questions

  • How economic behavior—by for example individuals, patients, or health care providers—affects health, health seeking behavior and health care interventions, and how economic incentives effect behavior.
  • How health and health care interventions affect economic outcomes, both at the individual and the aggregate level.

Health and health care markets differ with respect to many other goods and markets in the sense that individuals face a large degree of uncertainty (eg. with respect to their health and the available therapies); there are extensive information asymmetries (eg. as health care providers are better informed on the effectiveness of different treatments); health care is usually is financed through a third party intermediary; there is extensive regulation and government intervention in the sector; and there may be important externalities to interventions. This creates important incentives guiding economic behavior that may differ from other sectors.

Economic outcomes at the individual level include the cost of the illness—for example utility losses, treatment costs and forgone income—as well as consequences on longer run human capital. At the more aggregate level economic outcomes has to do with the cost-effectiveness of interventions, the financing of the health care system, the viability of the social insurance systems and the allocation of resources.

The Health Economic Forum at Uppsala University is a venue for researchers interested in health economics at Uppsala University. The focus is to assess the effects of exogenous health events and health care interventions on economic outcomes, and the effects of exogenous economic events on health outcomes. To this end, the rich Swedish medical quality and health care registers, together with information on economic outcomes constitutes a unique capital for health economic research.