Seminars and courses in health economics

During the fall 2012 the Health Economic Forum at Uppsala University started a monthly seminar in health economics. The seminar is open for all researchers with an interest in health economics, and is scheduled to run the first Friday in the month 13:30-15:00. This new seminar series was started with a half-day seminar on September 20 2012 The Health Economic Forum at Uppsala University is intended as an interdisciplinary venue for researchers interested in health economics coming both from economics and the medical faculty. The main activity will be a seminar in health economics, but we also plan to arrange courses in health economics and conferences. Information about the Health Economic Forum at Uppsala University and its activities will be available on

Coming seminars and activities in Health Economics

HEFUU’s Annual mini-course 9-10th of May, 2019: Professor Guido Imbens, Stanford University

We are delighted that Professor Guido Imbens will be honoring the Health Economic Forum at Uppsala University, HEFUU, with a visit the 9th and 10th of May. Professor Imbens is a Dutch American economist who currently is Professor of Economics at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is renowned for developing methods for causal inferences using observational data. Professor Imbens will hold a course in “Methods in causal inferences for health economics and medical research.

We encourage anyone who is interested in his course to sign up as soon as possible. The cost for the course is 2000 SEK, but is reduced to 1000 SEK for students, and cover lunch and coffee during both days.

Please note that this course will also be part of a PhD course offered by the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy at Uppsala University (including seminars May 16 and June 4).  Students are welcome to contact Eva Jacobson at for further information about the course content or the required registration.

Workshop 27-28 maj 2019: The social gradient in human capital formation
Call for papers

Parental behaviors and living conditions in childhood have been shown to influence child health and the development of both non-cognitive and cognitive skills. Inequalities in early human capital formation contribute to a social gradient in school performance and labor market outcomes. Yet, the various pathways between child health, human capital formation and the environment and institutions with which the child interacts are not well understood. The purpose of the workshop is to provide an opportunity for researchers to present and discuss research contributing to the understanding on the social gradient in human capital formation with a special focus on health.

Keynote speaker will be Gabriella Conti, University College London. The meeting will take place at Ekonomikum, Uppsala University and is organized by the Department of Economics, UCLS, IFAU and HEFUU. The academic committee consists of Anna Sjögren, Eva Mörk and Helena Svaleryd. Accommodation will be reserved in central Uppsala. The organizers will cover accommodation and travel costs (economy) for presenting authors and discussants. We expect to have about 10-15 contributed papers.

Call for papers